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The snowstorm of LJ updates ;).

Unfortunately, I am not able to do proper justice to an LJ entry at this moment, but! I don't think I can resist the lure of the wild Internet meme any longer...

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They stake vampires, don't they?

After a week of letting my brain meats marinate, I feel that 30 Days of Night deserves a proper review and analysis. Any movie that had me and my father embroiled in an hour-long discussion about the state of modern horror deserves it, but 30 Days has a special place in my dark heart. I haven't read the graphic novel, but from the moment I saw the preview for the film, I knew that I would be watching it as soon as possible.

After recently re-watching Interview with the Vampire, I realize that a horror movie isn't meant to just scare us these days. Yep, something will jump out and cause you to momentarily levitate, but for the most part, the scares are secondary to the philosophy. Some "monsters" are sympathetic or alluring, while others symbolize primal elements of our personality that require something, say a virus, for a trigger. It's hard to find horror that is intended to do little more than scare and entertain you in an old-fashioned way. 30 Days of Night does not ask you to identify with or envy the vampires who rampage; it does not ask you to consider heroes in shades of grey. There are good guys, there are bad guys, and this is one damn scary flick.

The conceit is simple: vampires come to an Alaskan town on the eve of...ta da!...30 days of night. There is a bit of exposition, but the scares start right away. Josh Harnett puts on his finest flannel to play the hero, a sheriff named Eben. We are spared too much development of the backstory between him and his estranged wife, yet I actually cared about what happened to him. It didn't hurt that he was kinda cute.

There isn't a whole lot to the plot, and thus I can't properly spoil it for you. There are some notable highlights worth mentioning here: for example, the gore is plentiful, as these aren't your parlor-entertainin' vampires. The carnage is presented as being the work of animals, and there doesn't seem to be much fun or philosophy in being a vampire. On the other hand, Danny Huston still plays Marlow, the leader of the vampires, as a dandy worthy of Ray Davies' praise; he still manages to look elegant in a suit covered with blood. No, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I was not disappointed.

And I'm afraid this film will have to develop a cult following when it really deserves to have the general public embrace it.


Thanks to a lovely archaeologist, unevendays, I have a new CD to enjoy. And to think I was plotting to send some music her way just a moment ago...Danke, darling! I'll need your snail mail address.
(I'm glad I decreed that my birthday should last all month...)

As I found myself discussing history for a long period Monday night, I began to suspect that my calling really is Medieval and Renaissance studies. According to my philosophy, history will always bore you to tears if you see it as nothing more than a list of figures and dates to be memorized. Sure, William the Bastard was crowned on Christmas Day 1066 at Westminster, but the cream filling is why did that matter? It's good, good stuff, I promise ;).


Jon has been trying to watch my latest obsession, The Tudors, and while he wants to like it, he believes that his lack of knowledge about the time period is holding him back from finding it anything short of boring. And this is a program with breasts-a-poppin'.

This is where Megans come in handy, folks. If you have ever wanted to learn anything about Henry VIII, here's your chance.

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Of course...I may be full of it ;).

The Hurdy-Gurdy Man

I just came back from seeing Zodiac, which opened tonight. The spoiler-free skinny: it's excellent, albeit too long. Director David Fincher claims that the best stuff was left on the cutting-room floor, but I think there was too much attention on too many subplots. I will admit that the only thing I know for sure about the Zodiac killer is that he has never been caught. That being said, the movie makes a plausible case for a particular scenario involving a particular suspect. (How's that for vague?) Knowing that the ending would likely be unsatisfying did not ruin the experience for me. The purpose of the movie is to follow the men who hunted the Zodiac killer, and I only wish I had a chance to focus on one and learn more about him.

The film was suspenseful and unsettling at times, if only because it reminded me of my obsessions. It was also hard not to get caught up in the well-crafted atmosphere. Everything from the clothing to the smoking in public buildings to the music sold me on the setting. The solid cast is enviable: Anthony Edwards, Robert Downey, Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Brian Cox and Chloe Sevigny are among the ranks. Let us not forget that Jake Gyllenhaal turns in an admirable performance as a naive cartoonist turned amateur sleuth.

And for the squeamish, the violence is limited. The Zodiac's power was in his threats, not in the crimes he actually committed. However, I did gasp aloud during the first murder scene, if only because the build-up of tension was so damn good.

If you're looking for something to do during this icy and cold weekend, I suggest you check out Zodiac.


Random Announcement

Neil Patrick Harris is gay.

No, really. Check out

Color me surprised.
I want to write and update and celebrate Jon's mad technical skills (he hooked up our new Internet connection, so I won't be booted off every five minutes), but work has a powerful siren's song. 
Borrowed from the lovely myburningviolin...
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4. Have fun with it!

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The sunburn has won this round, so I'm not yet going to sleep.  I've decided to put up another lyrics game a.) because I've been listening to so much good music lately and b.)  you made quick work of the movie version.  I provide the lyric(s), and you give me the song and artist.  I'll put the answers up no earlier than Wednesday morning. 

EDIT: Below, here there be hints...

EDIT to EDIT: The answers are now up...

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Haven't done one of these in a while...

I have been watching more movies lately, so you get a movie quote game ;).  I give you a quote, and you tell me what movie it's from.  I'm usually blown away by how quickly you guys get these, so I'll try to be challenging.  I'll post answers no earlier than Sunday night...

EDIT: There be answers below the cut.

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As stolen from msbutterpecan and myburningviolin...

I only post this because I haven't seen this result yet...and somehow, I ain't surprised that it's me ;). 

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A little levity ;)

From this entry...

Do you think its better to have sass or pizzazz?
Ooooh, you know how much I love the word, "sass."  Sass is also a better asset, hands down.  Pizzazz is great in some circumstances, but sass indicates that you have a bit of an edge, something that can definitely carry you through difficult periods.  When you can sass with the best, you can tolerate damn near anything and everything.  Pizzazz may make you appear more energetic, but it's easier to crumble.   

Who would win in a naked, oiled-up wrestling match? Mary Lyon or Emily Dickinson?
Mary Lyon.  C'mon, the woman founded Mount Holyoke College.  She had to have a set of ovaries on her.  I love Emily, I do, but she would be taking the beating and thinking about using it as the influence behind a vague poem about death.   

What's a better place at MHC to have sex? The science center or the library?
The library.  So many dark corners for doing dark deeds ;).  I support the sciences, too, but c'mon!  books!!